Crane 157/464 Snack/Candy

Crane 157/464 Snack/Candy

The Crane National 157/464 snack & candy vending machine dispenses snacks, candy and pastries and has a pricing capacity from $0.00 to $99.95. This versatile vending machine is sure to perform well given the 40/45 selection.


  • 5 Wide Snack Machine
  • 6 Shelves
  • Full Size Machine
  • Accepts dollar bills & coins
  • Multiple Pricing by selection, tray, or machine
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Time and Date Capabilities
  • Winner Mode, Discount Mode, Inhibit Mode
  • Custom Messages
  • Dimensions: Height:72  Width: 40  Depth: 35.5
  • Has cutouts in cabinet to get thru doorways
  • Capacity: 35 to 40 selections of chips, pastry, or candy
  • Gum & Mint Selections
  • Standard 110 volt
  • Shipping weight palletized: 725 lbs


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